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This site is completely dedicated to random things that I come across...lacking a scanner, I will not post any hand-made artwork of mine...but I will put up lots of interesting things when my schedual allows. So enjoy, and watch out for angry gnomes.

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This site was built:

February 18, 2005


Updated: eventually

Why this is in existance:

I was just really, really, really, really bored one day, after completing the website for Ms. R, so I decided to make one for random stuff, like photos, links, and other things of interest. There are plenty of random sites on the web...but I feel that there needed to be one more; hence, why my site was created.

Sign my guestbook with any comments or feedback.

Once I do manage to get my guestbook working, I would appreciate it if you would sign to let me know what you think.

I will not go crazy if you try to "steal" quotes or images off this site...only, know this...if an angry gnome chases you down the street, you'll know why

I'm serious about the gnomes.

Feel free to use it, just don't pretend that you made it up.

Why Unicorn?

The whole unicorn thing started way back in the year 2004, in June. It's an inside joke of sorts. It has to do with plastic geometric shapes...not funny if explained...just know that we all laughed...hard...over it.

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